Strong Coffee (Vol.1 #11)

Trickster Deals in Gold

You ask me about Trickster…
Well, he shows up at my door one day
His pocket packed with lemons.

He knocks, invites himself in,
And locks the door behind him.
He tells me he deals in gold
And asks would I like a trade?

“No,” I thank him
I trade at the office.”

He’s shocked.
He means liquid gold, he says
And shoves a rock glass full of Quervo
And lemon wedges under my nose.

I wonder at his insistence.

We drink like friends until dawn,
Until I think to retire to bed.

But Trickster won’t leave.

He’s wired
And would rather eat instead.
So I feed him.
He eats everything I have.

I am disgusted by his rude display
And decide to ignore him.
I feign deep sleep.

The next thing I know…
Trickster is gone,
And so is my gold.


Copyright 1991 by Jeffrey Spahr-Summers.