The Tibetan Book

The Tibetan Book

In Tibet in a book it is written in part
after centuries of silent observation
lifetimes given over to prayer and
contemplation of spiritual necessity
upon reflection on the mysteries of life
The journey of death itself is just that

A mysterious journey of epic proportions
the true accomplishment of life fulfilled
the final reward for a lifetime of toil and
those of us left behind must learn to
accept our loss by accepting their gain
In Tibet in a book in part it is written


Ignoring History

We choose to do this
as a society
as a race
we clamber for bread
and circuses like Romans
already corrupted
lounging in our spas
barking orders
throwing undesirables
to the lions because
we don’t really know why
but we do it anyway
we live for it somehow
it comforts us
to wield this power
like crafty would be Gods
creating chance
and circumstances
handing out candy
lording over life and death


All Things

That we are given
are not ours to keep
all we get is the moment
a minnow of time to borrow
and soak up sunshine days
birdsong gifts stormy winds
and the thunder in our hearts


Your Journey
for Erica

Like life is not easy
nor is it intended to be
it is long and exhausting
a walk of blisters on your
bruised hollow heart
frostbitten numbness
tow-tons of loneliness
and fear of exposure

you will want to stop
often and this is good



Is a gift we can only
give to ourselves
it cannot be coaxed
or demanded
or expected
it knows no guilt
it knows all things


on the art of building
a suspension bridge

like any good bridge it
must first be conceived
according to our needs
this is usually the most
obvious part of all

a site carefully selected
with some clever design
to please all our senses
so now most importantly
foundations are required
down to bedrock inside
us from either direction i
suggest lets do our best
since fate selected us as
you say
for we will build
each from ourselves until
we meet in the middle i
think we will be pleased
once we stop to admire
this love we have made


Copyright 2006 by Jeffrey Spahr-Summer.