The Seduction of the Beast

top this television moment

you shouldve been there
everybody else was
at least it seemed
in july
in ninteen
and sixty-nine a d
i sat at my desk in school
like all the others
gorging on the greatness of it all
on this spectacle of vertical
liftoff from the earth
this reaching beyond ourselves
this voyage of all mankind
happening before our very eyes
we were mesmerized
by the seduction of the beast
the saturn five series rocket
the behemoth we
held our breath we
were speechless in
fact in awe of it
of everything
every one of us
everyone wanting
to cheer out loud oh
cmon lets light this candle
lets do this and
lets do the other thing
lets soar to the stars
and beyond
lets seize the glory
we fucking rock
watch us walk
on the moon


im about to open this bag

stand back this is a heavy one
sealed tight long long ago
crammed into my closet
crammed into my
psyche my
long lost lover my
long lost daughter my
long time coming my



hands pushing pen
hands performing
hands of a poet
hands of laughter
hands of conviction
hands shaking
(shaking hands)
hands in the ocean
hands gripping trees
hands full of cameras
hands holding babies
hands giving care
hands exploring
hands in the wilderness
hands in the dirt
hands picking flowers
hands clapping
(clapping hands)
hands stealing
hands on the steering wheel
hands on the throttle
hands cuffed
hands full of promise
hands off



it takes courage to admit defeat
to lay the weapons down
to declare oneself unarmed
before anyone else gets hurt
it takes courage to succumb
to ones fear to overcome it
to surrender to the frankness
of the unknown you know dont
want to be held prisoner exactly
perhaps someone will just kill me
and it wont really matter anymore


red bedding

i sleep
in an antique bed
i sleep
between crisp
crimson red sheets
i sleep
in a spill of red blankets
red bedroom linens
as red as blood
rose petal
as red
as red
red wine

i curl up a
dead red possum


the birds

barbed wire…im thinking…
barbed wire strung across the sky
when i look at them spread out
across the electrical lines and
hitchcock…im thinking…
hitchcock back from the 50s
when i watch them gathering
on the rooftops and when
they fly their crazy loop the loop
in and out of view i am dizzy


Copyright 2006 by Jeffrey Spahr-Summers.