The Coffee Press Journal (September 2005)

out in left field

stand at the plate
look to the left
there i am
pacing back and forth
picking at the grass
smacking my glove
gazing into the sun
curling the stiff bill
of my brand new cap
watching the action
at second base
and yelling
batter batter


designated driver

i am tempted to say
o hesitant waitress
yes they are sisters
take their orders and
humor these women
who cackle and cuss
clinking their glasses
while we wait for juicy
filets potatoes salads
and bread and butter


piano lessons in the heartland 101

three years on that old bench in that house
curtains billowing like parachutes around me
the keys of the piano were ice cubes dripping
through my hot fingers sizzling onto the floor
each note a drop of water each drop a note


Copyright 2005 by Jeffrey Spahr-Summers.