The Coffee Press Journal (July 2005)


I’ve never been to Scandinavia,
but I think of Vienna again today.
The old baroque city, dark with
fascination and those monstrous
cathedrals on every corner, and
there is the Hapsburg’s palace
with gold leaf trim, how I stared
at it wondering how many people
died in order to afford its existence.
I’ll bet there isn’t such decadence
in Scandinavia, I can’t imagine that,
not like Vienna, or Rome, or even
in America with our own decadent
fast food cathedrals on every corner.


here is my pallett

1:the color black
absorbs all others
like a black hole or
sadness un-sated
it swallows rainbows
twisting them into knots
of springing black curly
ribbons curled by
scissors in the dark

is you
all that is natural
and beautiful

is passion

cries like a baby


New Dancing Shoes

New tempo
New beat
New step
New rhythm
New swing
New kick
New moves
New confidence
New strength
New faith
New desire
New music
New taste
New tricks
New shoes
New attitude


Copyright 2005 by Jeffrey Spahr-Summers.