Poetry Victims


paramount to my problem

is the them/her/you of it all i
know no other way to say it
i am burned by the passion
of such fire over and over it
means i become a prisoner
of love willingly i search my
soul for solutions reasons i
cannot bring myself to love
myself realizing this curses
me/you/them/all i hold dear


Editor and Publisher: Jeffrey Spahr-Summers
Guest Editor (Vol. 8, Issue 5): Nicole Turiano

Copyright (paramount to my problem from Vol. 3, Issue 2) 2006 by Jeffrey Spahr-Summers.
Copyright (Vol. 8, Issue 5) 2014 by Nicole Turiano, Jeffrey Spahr-Summers, Cherry Publications.
Copyright (Cover Photo from Vol. 8, Issue 5) 2014 by Kit Muldoon.