Blinkzine Arts Magazine

broke before love shack

I’m down with the three frogs
I’ve come to celebrate something
sits so comfortably on me this
never ending adventure living
life so I’ll mingle for awhile chat
listen to the kickin’ country karaoke
couple who are onto this game I
play come fridays thanking god
the beatle butchers not back and
my busy bartending bee is attentive
as ever eventually reba will sing



I sit alone at the tracks
bells dinging in my ears
the crossing gates down
red lights flashing
the ground shuddering
under the wheels of the train
I’m watching the art roll by
like a travelling cristo canvas
and I’m thinking of gauguin
toulouse-Lautrec degas
van gogh suddenly
they’re all here with me
behind me in the back seat
slapping me on the shoulder
pointing at the boxcars
clapping their painted hands
excited little boys again
backseat art fanatics critics
insistently cussing all at once
son-of-a-bitch they say
gasping with delight or envy
I’m not sure which but
I’m guessing they’re jealous


Copyright 2006 by Jeffrey Spahr-Summers