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reasons for raisins (Poetry)

(just released)


red sneakers (Photography)

(Just Released)


6 Days (Poetry)


20 Poems (Poetry)


aftereverythingdonebeenflooded.moon (Photography)


All Mimsy Were the Borogoves (Poetry)


Apple Road (Poetry)


Broke Before Love Shack (Poetry)


Fear of Heights (Poetry)


Five Minutes at a Time (Poetry)


Fifteen Minutes (Poetry)


Green Tangerines (Photography)


History, Poems Written in Chicago 1988-1993 (Poetry)


I Believe (Poetry)


I saw a Zulu woman once (Poetry)


Jet Streaks and Power Lines (Poetry)


Mandalas (Photography)


No Exit (Poetry)


Odaroloc (Photography)


The Cherry Poems (Poetry)


Until Their Bellies Bulge and Shine (Poetry)