until their bellies bulge and shine

(my 2nd favorite poem from this book)

Avocado Lovers

Blacker than the heated night,
they meet in secret
and fight each other
for the ripest of the virgin fruit.
Shameless, they strip down
to piano teeth and pin dot eyes
that flash like beacons
and leer at the avocado trees.

There is something like lust here.

And they dig, and dig in a frenzy,
they dig and lay their seeds
deep under the trees.
They love the avocados.
They love to feel them slowly
and eat them without haste,
without waste,
without guilt.
They love to peel them gently
and indulge in the pasty taste
until their bellies bulge and shine
like their pregnant women.


Listed under: Top 15 Books by Friends of Nancy Stohlman 2015


(from until their bellies bulge and shine) Copyright 2014 by Jeffrey Spahr-Summers, Cherry Publications.