Ballad of Todd Last Year

(my 2nd favorite piece from this book)

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There is an exceptional thing happening these are exceptional times in the exceptional land has grown eccentric throwing going away parties up the river, dressing as cats in adorable sashes drinking breast milk from flasks patting each others’ meows when the commercial break is over the show must go on by divine decree of the constitutional contract signed exclusively with MSNBCGE three wars a year or one big one entertaining products are good world influence exported heart mind mixtape culture drama citizens paying attention to politics the cornerstone of a strong democracy. When given information on color spectrum press two for blue white is the victor spilled lactose in a text message system failure not delivered red point exclamation recount the people in social media census of visibility. The fat are not fighting their war is over won parade of fun broadway hero canyon just begun nip buzz garfield mighty mouse stewie griffin george washington inflatable icons floating currency exchange security benefit landscape of mastered animation versatile backdrop illusion of a second at a time at a time at a time all at once now.

Everywhere is America now and it is whenever. It’s fine. It’s nice.
Unity. Steal this country. Would you like free spicy ranch dressing?

The Chinese Middle Class Uprising in Far East America was bourgeoning market burst want waiting for a spark when construction of the wall started. Stretching plastic reinforced El Paso Texas Brownsville Imperial Tijuana Ciudad Juarez Mexico California, garnished with an Imax theater nightly light show sending a 3D streak visible from space seen in Beijing, the Greater Wall opened to rave reviews from politicians dream constituents travel critics magazine picture spreads visited by aristocrats middle class tourists and immigrants described as startling fun captivating entertainment spectacular absorption a five star attraction nonstop action gotta catch it pictures snapped by the gram of Banksy welcome mural just outside Tucson souvenir Everywhere America flag for the kiddies and a teddy bear of a landscaper housemaid Barbie.


(from Ballad of Todd Last Year) Copyright 2016 by Matt Clifford.